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Amazing Bugs Ladybug Kit

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Amazing Bugs Ladybug Kit   A ladybug bonanza right in your classroom! NOTE: NOT AVAILABLE FOR DELIVERY IN MAY, JUNE, JULY & AUGUST. IT'S TOO HOT FOR OUR LADYBUG FRIENDS TO TRAVEL!
Our kit provides everything needed for a learning experience with these tiny, polka-dotted insects. Safe for students to hold and observe up close! After studying, release ladybugs outside so they can help control garden pests in your community. Then simply rinse out mesh house with soap and water, let air dry, then fold and store for future use with another group of ladybugs or other live insects. Ladybugs are at their best in the fall and early spring. (Summer shipping is just too hot for these little guys!) Wonderful, full-color ladybug poster (available only in Amazing Bugs Kit).
  • Mesh bag of adult ladybugs
  • Reusable, pop-up mesh house
  • Full-color poster with ladybug lifecycle, care and activities.
  • More ladybug information and activities available for download FREE on this website.

Your ladybugs will arrive in a mesh cloth bag. Spritz them with a little water and place in the refrigerator until you are ready to use them. Place twigs and leaves in a glass or plastic container or pop-up mesh house. Open your bag with the ladybugs and pour them into your container. Sprinkle some water from your hands down onto the leaves and twigs for ladybugs to drink. You may add some cut raisins for food. Close or cover with cheesecloth, mesh or paper towel (secure in place with a rubberband). Keep ladybugs inside for up to 5 days, then release outside in a shady spot.

Available: Can be shipped in March and April and then again in September and October.Due to heat stress, we cannot ship from May to August.
For instructions on how to care for your ladybugs, view or download:
Ready to learn more about ladybugs? Get your students reading, observing, counting, writing and drawing with these free downloads.
How does a ladybug get from an egg to an adult flying insect? Read about the different stages of a ladybugís growth. Then students can color, cut and create their own version of the ladybug life cycle.
Learn all the parts of your ladybugs! Worksheet and key.
Did you know that ladybugs smell with their feet and antennae? Itís really true! Odd, interesting and humorous facts about ladybugs, plus a quiz sheet for testing your new knowledge.
A great exercise for very young students. Students build their observation skills by looking closely at ladybugs and sharing their observations. Teacher instructions and worksheets.
Here are some activities just for fun... Get silly, get creative and do a little word searching when you download these free activities for your classroom.
Don't just read a book... make your own! Color, cut and fold. Then share with friends and family.
A sheet just for coloring fun.
Get ready for a challenge... Here's a word search that will keep you looking for all the parts of a ladybug.
Now that you've been learning about ladybugs, tell a story about them... or about one! Write, draw and read aloud.
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