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Amazing Bugs Ant Kit

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Amazing Bugs Ant Kit 

Part of our Amazing Bugs Live Insect Kits CLEARANCE SALE. Regularly $29.50. Save $10 on each kit while supplies last!

Watch these super-strong, super-organized critters build their colonies. The kit's space-age ant habitat allows you to see it all happen. Students learn skills in observation, drawing, writing, arithmetic and map-making. No worries about feeding -- the blue gel contains all the nutrition your ants will need! Wonderful, full-color ant poster (available only in Amazing Bugs Kit). Remember, your kit will arrive with an enclosed coupon for live ants. Mail/Fax in when you are ready to receive your ants. Please allow 1-2 weeks for ants to arrive by mail.

  • Ant habitat with blue gel (includes food)
  • Coupon to MAIL/FAX IN WHEN YOU ARE READY TO RECEIVE YOUR ANTS; allow 1-2 weeks for ants to arrive by mail.
  • Full-color poster with ant anatomy, fun facts, activities and care information
    More ant information and activities available for download FREE on this website.
For instructions on how to care for your ants, view or download:
Ready to learn more about ants? Get your students reading, observing, counting, writing and drawing with these free downloads.
Learn the parts of an ant. Test yourself with the worksheet!
Take a look at our drawing of a space-age ant habitat. Practice counting by answering the questions.
Wow! Lots and lots and lots of ants. Can you count how many ants are on the page?
Fun facts to learn. Practice reading aloud and then quiz your friends.
Here are some activities just for fun... Get silly, get creative and do a little word searching when you download these free activities for your classroom.
Don't just read a book... make your own! Color, cut and fold. Then share with friends and family.
Get ready for a challenge... Here's a word search that will keep you looking for all the parts of an ant.
Now that you've been learning about ants, imagine that you ARE one. Tell a story about what you do, where you go and what you like to eat. Or, tell a story about some ants in your neighborhood. Or, tell a story about... you decide!
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