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Red Worms

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Simple Science
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Redworms Icky, sticky worms are fun to watch as they turn our food scraps into great stuff for plants, trees and flowers!
Watch these little workers break down garbage and turn it into something useful. A great year-round classroom science activity! Comes with full instructions for building a worm composting bin.
  • Cup of 75-100 redworms (with instructions)
  • Additional redworm information and activities available for download FREE on this website.
Red worms (75-100 per cup) arrive wriggling and ready to start eating your trash. Set up your bin, lay shredded newspaper as bedding and occasionally add food scraps, grass cuttings, fallen leaves and other biodegradable garbage to the bin. Your worms will eat the trash you give them and create their own waste (worm castings). Collect castings and mix into potting soil, garden beds or simply sprinkle on potted plants. The castings are full of the nutrients plants need to grow, bloom and create tasty fruits and vegetables.
Available: Can be shipped from March through October.
For instructions on how to care for your red worms, view or download:
Ready to learn more about your icky, sticky worms? Get right to it with these activities.
Learn all the parts of your red worm! Worksheet and key.
Did you know that worms have no bones? Itís true! Odd, interesting and humorous facts about worms, plus a quiz sheet for testing your new knowledge.
Students build their observation skills by looking closely at red worms and sharing their observations.
How do worms help us recycle? Read about the process and learn how nature lets nothing go to waste.
Worm activities that are just for fun!
Don't just read a book... make your own! Color, cut and fold. Then share with friends and family.
Get ready for a challenge... Here's a word search that will keep you looking for a bunch of words related to your red worms.