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Praying Mantis

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Watch the fascinating praying mantis as it grows from a newly-born "nymph” to its full adult size, then release as a gift to the earth! Students learn observation, math and drawing skills while these beneficial insects are in the classroom.
  • Two praying mantis egg cases
  • Containers with fruit flies, fruit fly food and instructions
  • More praying mantis information and activities available for download FREE on this website.
Praying mantis egg cases (2) arrive with accompanying containers of fruit flies and fruit fly food. Place egg cases in re-usable mesh house or other insect house. Spritz with water every day to provide moisture. After a week, carefully open your containers of fruit flies and their food, placing them inside the insect house with the egg cases. Don’t worry if you think all your fruit flies have died. There are plenty of eggs that will hatch out over while you are waiting for the egg cases to open. In 2-6 weeks, you’ll see 50-150 tiny green "nymphs” hatch. Observe, count and learn about their predator/prey instincts. Later, release adults outside so they can do their work as beneficial insects in your community.
Availability: Can be shipped from March through June, while supply lasts.
For instructions on how to care for your praying mantis, view or download:
Ready to learn more about your praying mantis? Here are some activities to get you started.
Learn all the parts of your praying mantis! Worksheet and key.
Did you know that a praying mantis egg case is called an “ootheca”? Odd, interesting and humorous facts about praying mantis, plus a quiz sheet for testing your new knowledge.
Students build their observation skills by looking closely at newly emerged nymphs and sharing their observations.
Have a little fun with your praying mantis knowledge!
A praying mantis looks for some food. A sheet just for coloring fun.
Ready for a real challenge? Cut out letters that make up the words “praying mantis”. Try to make new words out of the available letters. A great individual project -- also fun to do in teams!