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Small Mesh House

Item: MSHS
Small Mesh House   The very BEST way to see your bugs. Re-usable and easy to store.
Our pop-up mesh house is circular and measures 11 in diameter and 11 high. The small mesh house is perfectly sized to hold 1-2 cups of butterfly caterpillars, 1 cup of hornworms, 1 order of adult ladybugs or 1 order of Praying Mantis. The translucent mesh is easy to see through yet sufficiently tight to contain fruit flies that accompany praying mantis egg cases. It's also great for observing insects you've collected at school or home. Once insects are released, simply rinse out with soap and water, let air dry, then fold and store for future use.
  • 1 small pop-up mesh house
Available: Can be shipped from March through October.