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Polyphemus Moth

We apologize! Moths are not available for 2017.
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Polyphemus Moth   Students in the western U.S. can hatch out this remarkable, giant moth.
Can't receive a luna moth in your state? No problem! We offer the polyphemus moth for students living in the western United States. This giant beauty has an average wingspan of 6Ē, striking wing markings and hatches out in just 2-6 weeks. Hatching a polyphemus moth is a super hands-on experience for both children and adults.
  • One polyphemus moth cocoon
  • More moth information and activities available for download FREE on this website.
When your polyphemus moth cocoon arrives, unpack and set them it down in your insect house. Place a twig or small branch in the house to give your moth somewhere to hang when it emerges. Spritz cocoon lightly with water every other day until you see your moth. Keep your moth in the insect house for up to 2 days, then release outside.
Availability: Can be shipped from March through June, while supplies last. Cannot be shipped to AZ, NH, NV, NM, TX 
For instructions on how to care for your polyphemus moth, view or download:
This page is under construction... We will add material as soon as it is ready. Please check back very soon!
Have a little fun with your moth knowledge!
A beautiful polyphemus moth stands with its wings open wide. A sheet just for coloring fun.