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Wild Wiggilyz CLASSROOM 25 Pack

Item: WILD25
Wild Wiggilyz Activities
Wild Wiggilyz
Finger puppet fun that supports conservation efforts around the world!
Enjoy giving, receiving and teaching with our handmade Wild Wiggilyz finger puppets. The CLASSROOM 25 Pack brings you a sampling from our collection of living creatures. In any given pack, you might receive domestic or wild animals, reptiles, insects, fish or birds. You’ll also receive a certificate thanking you for helping to fund the conservation organizations with which we partner each year.
Our Wild Wiggilyz CLASSROOM 25 Pack is also popular for use as a fundraiser. Your cost is $2 per puppet. Classrooms, clubs, and athletic teams can sell the Wild Wiggilyz individually for $3 each. It’s a fun, easy, and earth-friendly way to raise funds!
Wild Wiggilyz finger puppets are hand knit by our fair-trade women’s guild in Peru. By earning a living through craftwork, these women support and educate their families without having to use resources from the surrounding, vulnerable rainforest. Additionally, each purchase of Wild Wiggilyz generates a donation to our conservation partners. In 2018, we’re supporting the work of TIDE Belize (Toledo Institute for Development and Environment) and Fundacion Jocotoco. You can learn more about these incredible organizations at their websites: and
Orders arrive via standard US Post Office. Please allow 2 weeks for delivery. Please note: OVERNIGHT SHIPPING ON WILD WIGGILYZ is available for phone orders only. Contact us at 800-698-4438 so we can receive your order and arrange for expedited shipping.
Available: Throughout the year. Order anytime!
There are so many classroom activities you can generate using Wild Wiggilyz. Here are a few to get you started!
A simple worksheet to help students learn more about individual animals in their pack of Wild Wiggilyz.
Ideas and suggestions for teachers as they assist students in answering the questions on their Animal Worksheet.
Games and activities that incorporate Wild Wiggilyz. Appropriate for a variety of grade levels.
A fun little song to sing to and about your Wild Wiggilyz. Like it? See if you can make one up to a different tune!