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Fundraising with Wild Wiggilyz
Wild Wiggilyz Activities
Wild Wiggilyz
FINGER PUPPET FUN! Helping women, their families, and acres of forest.
One pack of 25 Wild Wiggilyz finger puppets, hand knit by our fair-trade women’s guild in Peru. You will receive an assortment of animals, including lions, tigers, seals, elephants, monkeys, flamingoes, hummingbirds, turtles, crocodiles, dogs, ducks, giraffes and many, many others! Use Wild Wiggilyz as a classroom tool or make available for purchase by students at $2 each. A class or club can offer them for sale to the rest of the school, getting everyone involved and generating even more support! Includes a certificate acknowledging your efforts and protection of an acre.
Every order of Wild Wiggilyz generates a donation to our partner, Nature and Culture International. NCI works closely with governments, communities, and scientists to preserve critical habitat in and around Peruvian rivers and forests. Wild Wiggilyz provide sustainable income for women living in Peru, allowing them to support their families without drawing on rainforest resources.
Sign up for a live, 30 minute “Cliff to Classroom” webinar about how kids are helping to protect the Earth! We bring our director right into your classroom for a fun, interactive, and age-appropriate session with your class or club. Contact us at 1-800-698-4438 or to schedule one. We can connect with you via Skype or Google.
Orders arrive via standard US Post Office. Please allow 2 weeks for delivery.
Available: Throughout the year. Order anytime!