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Wild Wiggilyz Fundraising Display Board

Wild Wiggilyz Fundraising Display Board
Is your display board getting a little ragged? Perhaps you'd like to raise funds at multiple locations? Order another display board! Includes four pegs and the same bright, graphic background. Easy-fold construction.
What are Wild Wiggilyz?
Wild Wiggilyz are hand-knit finger puppets that children of all ages enjoy.
Wild Wiggilyz are inexpensive and fun. Great for use in classrooms and at home.
Wild Wiggilyz inspire children to engage in imaginative play. So many to choose from: wildlife, marine animals, insects, reptiles and more!
Wild Wiggilyz are Earth-friendly! Made in Peru by a member of a fair-trade artisansí guild, each purchase helps artisans feed, house and educate their families without having to use up resources from the surrounding rainforest.
Available: Throughout the year. Order anytime!