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Bessbug Beetles

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Bessbugs   Fierce-looking and fascinating, these big beetles are gentle enough for children to hold.
These beetles are classroom favorites, especially for the younger grades. Children can study, draw, create races, test speed and strength and get a good, close look at these insect friends. An added bonus: bessbugs can be in your classroom all year.
  • Cup of 2 bessbugs (with food and instructions)
  • Bag of broken, decomposing pieces of wood
  • Additional bessbug information and activities available for download FREE on this website.
Bessbugs arrive 2 per cup, packed in moistened, rotting wood -- their favorite food! Create a house for them out of a paper, plastic, glass or wood container. Make sure they have plenty of ventilation. Spritz with water daily. Over time, keep adding bits of broken, decomposing wood so your beetles have plenty to eat. Bessbugs like to hide in the dark nooks and crannies between wood chips.
Availability: Can be shipped from March through October.


For instructions on how to care for your bessbugs, view or download:
Ready to learn more about your bessbugs? There’s so much you can discover about these friendly beetles…
How does a bessbug get from a tiny egg to an adult beetle? Read about the different stages of a bessbug’s growth. Then students can color, cut and create their own version of the bessbug life cycle.
Learn all the parts of your bessbugs! Worksheet and key.
Did you know that bessbugs like to eat rotting wood? It’s really true! Odd, interesting and humorous facts about bessbugs, plus a quiz sheet for testing your new knowledge.
Learn to look and record like a scientist! Students build observation and drawing skills with this activity.
How much weight can a bessbug pull? How will two bessbugs compare in their strength? Everyone’s favorite bessbug activity. Full set of teacher instructions plus student worksheet.
Bessbug activities that are just for fun!
Ready for a real challenge? Cut out letters that make up the bessbug’s names, both common and scientific. Then try to make new words out of the available letters. A great individual project -- also fun to do in teams!